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Q: I just bought a new dress and one of the buttons has already come off. I hate to sew. Any ideas on how I can prevent this from happening in the future?

A: Here’s a quick and easy trick that may help keep you buttoned up a bit longer.

Before even wearing a new garment, touch the centre of each button (front and back, and be careful near the fabric!) with clear nail polish.

This will seal the threads and the button should stay on much longer.

Stain Removal - quick tips to prolong the life of your garments

  Delicate Items Often Require….

 Many garments have labels that specify hand washing. Hand washing is a restrictive care process that reduces the degree of mechanical action that a fabric receives during cleaning. This type of care instruction is usually given because the garment cannot withstand the excess rubbing or agitation of a machine washing process.

 If you have a special item that requires hand washing, such as a blouse with a hand-painted design, or a dress with a special trim, and you don’t want to risk washing it at home, please let us help. We’re happy to lend a hand!

 If the item is just an everyday one, and you do want to try washing it by hand at home, be sure to follow the care label instructions carefully. Never substitute machine washing on the gentle cycle: even gentle agitation can cause color loss or damage to the fabric.

Also, don’t twist or wring these garments once they’ve been washed. Instead, gently squeeze the excess moisture out and lay the item flat to dry.

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