Dry Cleaning 2 You
Bringing a first class service to your door

You know those immortal words, “I’ve got to go to the dry cleaners”.

What a chore. You forget to go, you’ve got better things to do, you work late, they’re closed, you can’t park, it’s heavy and everything gets creased.

If only something so important and yet so boring could be taken care of.

Well Hallelujah! - there is a solution to this thorn in your side - Dry Cleaning 2 You. Established in 2000, we collect from your door within an hour of your call (if desired). Otherwise let us know when you’d like us to come round, and we’ll fit in with your plans.

We clean your clothes to a first class standard and deliver back to you at your convenience. Now when was the last time you were really treated like a customer, the way you should be?

So call us and put us to the test. If you’re impressed then we’re doing our job, and if you’re really impressed then you’ll tell your friends.

The onus is on us.

020 8542 9096

Email: info@drycleaning2you.co.uk